What Next?

What Next?

If you’d like to explore what we can do for you then contact us to arrange a friendly chat. Our initial consultation is always free of charge and we’ll use it to discuss your plans and decide if we can help.

We prefer to use Skype or Facetime to ‘meet’ you at first (but old-fashioned telephone will do just as well). For that initial chat we’ll match you with the member of our team with the greatest expertise in your type of project, although as time goes by you are likely to speak with more than one of us.icon eiffel

During that first chat we’ll talk about what you are trying to achieve, your timescale and the size and composition of your party. Once we’ve refined your requirements, we’ll take some time to consider your needs and then provide you with a proposal for your consideration. It will contain our suggestions for how tasks should be handled (and in what order), hurdles you might encounter, estimates for how much time things will take and an outline of costs for our services. From that point on you can decide whether to take things forward.

Hopefully, you’ll like our proposals and we’ll start working together to achieve your dream.

What clients say:

"We were expat Australians, living in the Middle East, buying a house in France ... using a Middle Eastern currency, speaking no French, and stuck using an agent who struggled with it! Crazy, right? Luckily we stumbled across what is now the Relocate France team and [they] had the experience and knowledge and kindly agreed to help us navigate the pitfalls of our purchase...

"We can't say enough good things about them. Our dream home purchase would have fallen through if not for them, and they continue to provide us with amazing service and advice regarding our gradual permanent move to France."

Pete and Bronwyn Best