Shaping Your Dream

Shaping your Dream

The advice we provide is finely tuned to suit individual hopes, dreams and requirements. 

For instance, a family with young children may want to time their arrival to derive most benefit from the French school year, whilst a couple in semi-retirement may want to know what places to avoid in order to get the rest and relaxation they want. Someone starting a business may want guidance through the maze of French bureaucracy as well as advice on geographical locations where that bureaucracy may be easier to navigate!

We provide every potential client with an initial free-of-charge consultation to establish their priorities and needs and, equally important, whether we can help to meet them. One of the Relocate France team will chat with you and ask some key questions about what you want to achieve.icon bike

Having witnessed the comings and goings of so many foreigners hoping to settle in France, we will able to spot any weak links in your dreams and either strengthen them or expose them for your consideration if we think the path to France might just be too hard for you at that time.

Life in France can be wonderful but it’s neither a bowl of cherries nor la vie en rose, especially if your early planning and preparation have been neglected. We’ll provide insight as to the challenges of your new life in a different country, but we’ll also help you to overcome those challenges because we’ve been through them ourselves. Furthermore, our help doesn’t have to stop as you step on French soil – we can continue to give you as much support as you need to begin building a life in the beautiful country we call home. When you don’t need us any longer, our job will be done, and we’ll back off into the sunset!