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FAQs - Relocate France FAQ

Questions AnsweredWe offer a bespoke service which is completely tailored to your requirements, so you’ll have key questions which are relevant to your family set-up and to your own situation. We’ll be glad to answer those questions when we have an individual meeting with you - whether in person, or via Skype or Facetime.

icon wineThat said, there are still some general points which we can cover here, and the way in which we answer those may give you a flavour of the assistance we provide.

We are as keen to provide great value for money as we are to give you relevant and trustworthy information.

We will prepare for you a Digital Guide on the specialist subject of your choice. Depending on length and complexity, the cost for that would range from just a few hundred euros (with graduated fees for assistance with house purchase or house sale), rising to around €2,500 for a full package which might include help with all aspects of relocation as well as a business registration.

What we do for each client is unique, so being any more precise with cost forecasts is difficult before we have had an initial (free) chat with you. What we can guarantee, though, is that the service will be cost-effective and will save you time and money compared with trying to research and carry out all tasks yourself.

That depends on the dream and your own ability to exercise control over the events which just might delay it.

For our part, we will realistically assess what you want to achieve, the steps involved in getting there and the amount time the whole project may take.

If relocation is part of that dream, then a key benefit to bear in mind is that we will always give you a realistic, 'warts and all' time assessment based on where in France you are hoping to live. That's because departmental administration varies widely in France and local interpretation of national laws can mean a bureaucrat may take six weeks to reply to a question in Brittany, but only two weeks in Burgundy!

We will always be honest about timescales and will probably remind you, from time to time, that you are choosing France because of the laid-back ambiance of this wonderful country.  It can be frustrating when that translates into delays in your journey but will be made more bearable by us being there to keep your morale up and help you reach your goal!

Yes you do. You don’t need, and can’t expect, to become bi-lingual if you’re learning later in life, but for your own personal happiness you need to study the language and reach a level of comprehension and spoken French such that you can discuss daily issues without employing a translator or having a panic attack.

We have a team of experienced experts in all the key fields necessary to make your dream a reality: currency exchange, French planning law, Estate agency, etc... as well as notaires to sort out your inheritance issues, accountants to help you balance your books... to name but a few.

These are all tried and tested contacts of our own who are as enthusiastic as us about bringing reliable and trustworthy advice to new arraivals in France.

A broad range, including:

  • families emigrating to France for a new life.
  • individuals moving here for work or marriage, or both.
  • older individuals and couples retiring to France.
  • people setting up businesses in France.
  • people buying homes in France and spending part of each year here.
  • people planning to educate their children at French schools or universities
  • etc...

… the list is long and each case is unique.