About Us

Meet the Relocate France team

Relocate France evolved as an offshoot of estate agency LBV Immo, when the advisory team realised that the help they provided to property buyers was spreading beyond the day-to-day nuts and bolts of purchasing property in France and on to helping new owners with a complete relocation package!

LBV Immo itself evolved from LBV (Les Bons Voisins) the highly successful French property management network which has always taken a friendly, hands-on approach to helping its clientele.icon arc

So, at UK property exhibitions the LBV Immo team was being regularly approached for help on all aspects of French living, and internet requests for advice turned gradually from a trickle into a steady stream. As time passed it became clear that such specialist advice needed to be separated from the main core of the business, and so the idea for Relocate France was born.

Verity ReeveToday, the mainstays of Relocate France are Sean and Verity Reeve. Verity is the daughter of LBV’s founder and became involved with LBV’s UK exhibitions in 2010. In 2012, she and husband Sean moved to France full-time and began work in LBV Immo, eventually buying out the management team and becoming full owners of the business in 2018. In addition to managing a team of Immo agents, Verity helps clients with practical advice on every aspect of settling in France. Her advice ranges from dealing with residency issues to finding reliable childcare, and covers everything in between!

Sean ReeveSean Reeve has developed a reputation as an estate agent whose word you can trust because he pulls no punches when explaining all aspects of property purchase. He gives accurate valuations in a difficult market place and is as ready to warn purchasers about what not to buy as to suggest what they should purchase. As a result, he is trusted by buyers and sellers alike and moves a large number of properties through the books of LBV Immo.

Together, Verity and Sean form the skilled core of an advisory team which also includes experts on all aspects of life in France. If they can't help directly with your situation, they will certainly know someone who can!

The Relocate France team works in close collaboration with other passionate Francophiles to bring you advice upon which you can rely.